Country Sausage Gravy

Country Sausage Gravy – (the real stuff)

Here are the first things you need, pull them out of your pantry and let’s get started.

1lb breakfast sausage, not lean because you need all that fat.

Worcestershire Sauce – dash or two

Tabasco – dash or two (if you like a little spice in your food as I do, then use a few dashes of Tapatio or cholula.

1/3 cup whole wheat flour, (you can use all purpose flour also)

4 to 6 cups of milk (whole milk or 2% is fine, this cavemen never uses 1% or fat free)

Let’s put it all together

In a good size skillet brown the sausage over medium heat, you want to get some good color on that sausage. Once the outside is browned reduce heat to medium low and add 1/3 cup whole wheat flour stirring to incorporate. You want the flour to coat the sausage and blend into any fat that was produced by the sausage.  Now add your Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco.  Continue to brown at a medium low heat for 5 to 8 minutes, the longer the flour cooks the darker your gravy will be.

Now taste a small piece of the sausage, there should be no, let me repeat that, NO, flour taste to the sausage, if there is, cook it a couple minutes longer.  If you want to add anything now is the time, be creative try things, just remember try them in small amounts.    Taste it again, ok, we are ready to add the milk.   Start with 3 to 4 cups of milk, you can always add more, but it’s harder then hell to take it out.   This will seem very watery right now so turn the heat up to medium and bring it to a slow bubble while stirring constantly,  this will enable it to thicken.  I like my gravy on the thicker side, but if you like a smoother, slightly thinner gravy add more milk, just remember, a  1/2 cup at a time.  As the gravy bubbles it will continue to thicken..

Your gravy is almost there,  now taste it again.  Yea, I know it’s a little bland right?    Add your Kosher salt and pepper to taste, I like a good pinch of each, now my pinch is about 1/2 tsp.  Give it a good stir to incorporate that salt and taste it again, if you used more milk you may need more salt.   Continue to simmer a few more minutes, if gravy gets to thick add milk.

Only word of advice, you can always add salt at the end, but you can’t take it out.    Now slice those biscuits and add that gravy, or ladle it over a chicken fried steak.  Let me know what you think.