About Me

Welcome to Cooking With Caveman,  that’s me, Dan and welcome to my world.

I used to be one of those typical guys who thought a good meal meant making Hamburger Helper and Rice-a-Roni, or going to Taco Bell.  Not anymore.

My Mom loves to cook and I grew up eating great home cooked meals. I especially loved the holidays, it meant having the best tasting food, and I don’t care what anyone says, but in my opinion, nothing beats a good home cooked meal.

So trying to follow my Mom’s great food, I would occasionally attempt to cook some fancy meal I looked up on the Internet to impress a girl or friends.  I would get so frustrated…most of the recipes I would find included ingredients that I either didn’t have or didn’t know what the hell they were. Then you traipse to the market and spend $100 on ingredients to cook one meal, and the left over ingredients are either deemed useless, or will eventually go bad sitting in your pantry for a year until you throw them out.

It wasn’t until my brother went to culinary school that I realized you could make good, tasty, and simple food with fresh easy ingredients, and it would beat anything you could get at a restaurant. So that’s my goal, cooking tasty simple food, with common items we all have and use, and I want to share the tips I learn in my quest with you.

We are not all rock stars and athletes, but when you cook a great meal and someone says “Wow! That was good,”  it gives you a bit of self satisfaction like hitting that perfect drive off the tee!  Luckily I have my Cave-woman Maria to give me that great feeling every time.



6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I have been looking through your blog and these are the types of food I make for my BF all the time. Actual food made with real, practical ingredients you can grow of find locally. I am going to send to BF over to your blog to pick out some dinner recipes, thanks!

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